Wholesale Vinyl Fence Online


Everyone wants a good deal, on top of a good deal you also want a quality product. Wholesale Vinyl Fence Online  was created because we saw a need to get commercial grade product to the public at a retail price. Most people find fencing from big box stores. What we discovered is they do not offer a commercial grade product, they offer a residential product which is much thinner and uses a much lower standard in vinyl extrusion process. What this means is the vinyl fences at your box stores will fade, crack, chalk and break much faster than a quality commercial grade product. To further complicate things, they are way over priced for what you get! We have found that we can supply a commercial grade fence for less than a residential fence found at a big box store!


First, let’s define commercial grade. What does that mean? When Wholesale vinyl fence Online came out back in the early 90s the American Fence Association created a standard that manufactures had to follow to qualify for “commercial grade”. If you install a vinyl fence at any government or commercial facility you have to supply product based on their specifications. A commercial facility has commercial specs. Those specs define what materials go into the extrusion process. Vinyl fence is made out of little granules which contain various materials for strength and wether resistance. I will go further in detail in just a moment. On top of the materials used to create the vinyl there is also a spec for thickness of product. For instance, a post can range from .090 to .150. A residential post can be .090 and will require a 4×4 wood insert because the vinyl is not thick enough to support wind load.


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