Welded Steel Fence Systems

The Secure-Weld® and Secure-Weld® Plus line of fence systems from Merchants Metals provide a complete selection of welded ornamental steel choices for homeowners and businesses looking for an attractive, high quality, low maintenance fence solution.

Secure-Weld® features pickets and rails welded together providing dependable strength and security while minimizing installation time.

Secure-Weld® Plus begins with the same welding process but utilizes pre-galvanized steel which creates an added layer of protective coating. This additional protection affords the end user peace of mind knowing their new fence is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Welded systems are the strongest available on the market hands down. When you invest in a Secure-Weld® or Secure-Weld® Plus fence system, you can be rest assured you’re getting a product built to last.

Advanced Powder Coating Process

Regardless of whether you choose Secure-Weld® or the added protection of Secure-Weld® Plus, all of the panels receive Merchants Metals’ industry leading powder coating process. This process incorporates a five-stage cleaning process to remove any impurities that could potentially mar the finish. Combined with a zinc rich, corrosion-resistant epoxy powder primer and polyester powder top coat, you can be sure each Secure-Weld® and Secure-Weld® Plus fencing system will be highly resistant to the effects of the outdoor elements.

Iron Gate Look Awesome On My Property

October 11, 2020

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the iron fence that we installed on our property. Very durable and will last decades. We called and they took care of our quote quickly and helped explain anything we needed for assembly. We picked up the iron fencing ourselves and it was fairly easy to install. We recommend this to all our friends and family.


Should Have Bought Years Ago!

November 2, 2020

Recently began offering iron for our customers and was amazed with the quality. Our company installs vinyl fencing and the iron fencing option is a great alternative to customers who are looking for it. From a contractors perspective, this iron fence material will stand the test of time. It also looks great! Will be placing all future orders with this company. Very Happy!




Our clients enjoy huge discounts based on purchase volume

Build Your Fence

32×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel
(Add 4 screw & 4 brackets per panel)

$141.16 as low as $98.81

44×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel
(Add 4 screw & 4 brackets per panel)

$163.63 as low as $114.54

58×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel
(Add 4 screw & 4 brackets per panel)

$190.71 as low as $133.50

68×94 Black 2 Rail Iron Panel
(Add 4 screw & 4 brackets per panel)

$210.81 as low as $147.57

2×60 Black Iron Post

$30.10 as low as $21.07

2×72 Black Iron Post

$30.16 as low as $21.11

2×84 Black Iron Post

$34.99 as low as $24.49

2×96 Black Iron Post

$39.90 as low as $27.93

Black 2×2 Iron Cap

$4.26 as low as $2.98

1″ Square Iron Bracket

$2.69 as low as $1.88

Black Self-Tapping Screw (4 Per Panel)

$0.48 as low as $0.34

3″-8″ Black 2 Rail Iron Gate Kit
(Includes a Panel, 2 Posts, 2 Caps, 4 Brackets, 8 Screws)
– PLEASE ADD: Hinge, Latch, and Drop Rod if Double Gate Only

$313.95 as low as $219.77


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